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MIDC offers a variety of properties. Primarily, MIDC offers developed plots in various industrial areas. After acquiring land, MIDC creates high quality infrastructure including roads, water supply systems street lighting, and in some cases, common facilities buildings which may be offered to commercial establishments to serve the needs of the industrial units. These areas are provided for a lease period of 99 years.
In many industrial areas, MIDC has specially earmarked commercial and residential zones in addition to the main industrial zone. Some industrial areas also have a common effluent treatment plant (CETP).
Apart from developed plots, MIDC also offers built up spaces. The built up spaces are tailor made to meet needs of specific industry sectors. Such built up spaces are available in specific industrial locations.
A third category of properties offered by MIDC is the industrial sheds. These are normally targeted for the small scale sector and hence are of small sizes of about 1000 to 2000 sq.ft. These sheds are available in select industrial locations.

In addition to the amount you pay to MIDC for acquiring the plot, you may have to pay the following:
Property taxes that may be levied by the local body namely, the Municipal Corporation or the Municipal Council or the Gram Panchayat. These taxes vary depending upon the local body involved.
Water Charges are payable to MIDC based on your actual metered consumption.
Service charges payable to MIDC for maintenance and upkeep of the industrial infrastructure are included in the water bill.
Electricity charges are payable to MSEB based on your connected load and metered energy consumption.
CETP usage charges (if applicable) levied by the local industry association which runs the CETP.
Please note that the above are standard charges payable by all industrial units in MIDC industrial areas. In addition, there may be some charges/levies/taxes payable by you to various agencies depending upon the business activity that you conduct.

The State of Maharashtra offers the best in terms of investment climate. All details are available in the section About Maharashtra on this website.

The Industrial Policy of Maharashtra 2019 offers fiscal incentives as per the Package Scheme of Incentives (PSI) along with various other sectoral policies

In terms of non fiscal incentives the state offers the following:

1. Investor after care cell – Click Here

2. Single Window Clearance of MIDC – Click Here

Kindly refer to the Industrial Policy 2019 for eligibility and incentives for MSMEs in Maharashtra. Additionally you can visit
1. http://dcmsme.gov.in/
2. https://industry.maharashtra.gov.in/en

According to Industrial Policy 2019, The industrial estates developed by/for women and SC/ST entrepreneurs will be given priority and higher fiscal support. In new MIDC industrial estates, On first priority basis 20% area shall be allotted to SC/ST entrepreneurs and 5% to women entrepreneurs and industrial units of Women’s Savings Groups. The maximum ceiling for allocation on priority basis will be 25%. To encourage Scheduled Caste/ Tribes entrepreneurs and for establishment of their industries easily Venture Capital facility has been made available under Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Special Package Scheme of incentives for SC/ST entrepreneurs. The benefits of the Venture Capital facility will be given to the existing industries as well as newly established industries. Kindly refer to the Industrial Policy 2019 of the State of Maharashtra

Eligible units will be entitled to upto 100 per cent stamp duty exemption within investment period for acquiring land (including assignment of lease rights and sale certificate) and for term loan purposes. However, in A and B areas Stamp Duty exemption will be offered only to Information Technology and Biotechnology manufacturing units in Information Technology and Biotechnology Parks. Eligible Units under PSI 2013 Scheme will also be eligible for stamp duty exemption for their Investment Period. The Stamp duty exemption for eligible units under various policies (like IIA Policy, Electronics etc) will be continued.

Under the Industrial Policy 2019, the Government of Maharashtra has classified all the talukas of the State into the following categories, namely,

A,B,C,D, D+, Vidarbha, Marathwada, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg & Dhule,

No industry district (NID), Naxalism Affected Areas* and Aspirational Districts** (Osmanabad, Gadchiroli, Washim and Nandurbar)
These categories indicate the level of industrial development in that taluka. A is the most developed and D+ the least developed. The purpose of this classification is to enable a more balanced and distributed industrial development of the State. The level of incentives available in D/D+ will be more attractive than that available in C and so on.

The charges for power supply are payable to the Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB), for further details, click here

MIDC provides industries with a robust water supply system. MIDC has built and maintains large dams across the State. MIDC sources water from identified sources (for which MIDC pays royalty to the State Irrigation Department) processes and supplies to industrial units in MIDC industrial areas and also units outside. The water supply system also caters to the needs of various large local bodies like the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.
MIDC supplies high quality potable water treated to World Health Organization (WHO) standards.
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