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To avail land from MIDC this is the first step. User can apply for land allotment through three modes – Direct Allotment, Priority Allotment and e-Bidding allotment.

Plots available for Direct and e-bidding allotment will be available only during certain times of the year. The details are published on the website before allotment begins.

Priority Allotment is applicable for Industrial Areas which have more than 80% of land allotted.


Lessees who have registered their plots and received Occupancy certificate can apply for Mortgage in SWC.
Department users login into LMS to verify and add details to the case. They also generate the draft Tri-party Mortgage Agreement from LMS

Execution of Final Lease

Land allotment process ends with the registration of Final Lease. Allottee has to obtain Occupancy certificate before applying for Final lease.

Extension of Time Limit for obtaining BCC

Time period of one year is given to allottee to obtain OC (BCC). If they could not obtain it within the set time period due to various reasons, they can request for a Time limit extension through SWC.

Execution of Predetermined Lease

Registration of Final Lease with a condition that OC will be obatined within the defined period.

Permission for Amalgamation/Waiver of Marginal Distance

1. Lessee can amalgamate plots that are adjacent to each other. Request to be submitted through SWC.
2. Marginal distance is the space between the two adjacent plots. Lessees can request this marginal distance be given free of cost to them.
3. Company name and allottee name of both the plots should be same in LMS for the Amalgamation

Permission of Sub-division of Plot

Lessee can request to subdivide their plot into multiple plots (minimum 2)
They can
1. retain the subdivided plots under their name
2. transfer the subdivided plots

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